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I LOVE the look and feel of nails well cared for but sometimes just can’t justify the cost or the time to go have someone do my nails so I LOVE the ease with which our polish is applied and the economical and vast styles.

Here’s a video from a friend of mine of how to apply the nails but I have a cost savings tip for you so be sure to ignore the very last part where she sends you to her Facebook page!!! Please return to my Color Street site or to this page!

If you’d like to get a few girlfriends together and host a Nail Bar, please let me know! They’re simple, fun, and short!  If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the opportunity of being a stylist, I’m happy to meet with or chat with them to share the details. I love my team and I am a leader who appreciates my team and loves to empower them!

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