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Why do we share SendOutCards?

  • It’s Convenient
  • You can use your own Branding
  • You Won’t Forget important dates with our campaigns
  • You won’t be forgotten – stay atop of your clients minds.
  • You’ll Save Money
  • You’ll increase your business sales by appreciating your clients and they will refer business to you as well.
  • We help individuals set themselves up for future financial freedom when they join us as a distributor.

What is SendOutCards?

Our two-fold mission is to help millions of people act on their promptings and provide a vehicle for financial success.

Since 2003, when Founder & CEO Kody Bateman founded SendOutCards, we have been changing people’s lives one greeting card at a time. We have delivered over 100 million cards (and 3 million gifts), making us the largest first-class mailing company in the United States and one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world.

Our unique online greeting card and gift system invites everyone to act quickly when prompted to reach out to others—there has never been an easier way to send a genuine card or gift. With just the click of a button, you can choose your custom card, add a personal photo, write your message and click send. We print, stuff, stamp and mail your physical card for you.

We find joy in providing a tool that has the ability to change lives everyday by sending personalized, printed greeting cards and gifts as a way to make a difference in the lives of others.

In less than 60 seconds, you can choose your custom card, add a personal photo, write your heartfelt, inspirational, or cheerful message and click send. We print, stuff, stamp and mail your personalized greeting cards to any postal address anywhere in the world, all for less than the average price of a greeting card at the store. Our gift selection is icing on the cake to this great service and allows you to go the extra mile to bring about another smile.

No matter what your profession, greeting cards are a powerful business tool to help make sure your clients and customers know just how important they are to you! With SendOutCards you have the opportunity to make extra money as an independent distributor, just for being thoughtful or working as our referral partner.

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You are welcome to click on Join Now! However, we do encourage you to take just a few minutes and scroll down and watch each of the 3 short videos.  Yes, even watch the Income Opportunity video. Even if you don’t think you want to earn money with sharing SendOutCards, go ahead and watch the Income Opportunity video.  You’ll see why!

When you’ve watched all 3 videos, click on the Join Now button and you’ll learn about our bundles.  The video will explain all the bundles and you may choose which bundle will best meet your needs.

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