About Us


Who is behind CelebrateWithHART?

CelebrateWithHart.com is a business that helps others care about their family, friends, and clients;  connect with those that can help serve each other; and conserve stress, money, and time so you have the freedom to enjoy and celebrate life. We enjoy developing ourselves and helping others grow with self-improvement. We believe in performing a random act of kindness daily. We also believe that life is short and we should reduce our stress levels and celebrate life everyday. 

Lisa Hart Pelton is the CEO of CelebrateWithHART.  With over 15 years of experience in the corporate training world and 16 years in Real Estate and 20 years in Direct Sales, Lisa is passionate about exceeding your expectations with CelebrateWithHART. She believes that life should be celebrated every day and that even funerals are a celebration of a life lived. 

As the CEO of CelebrateWithHART Lisa is a confident, global businessperson who is passionate about empowering others to be the best they can be. She unites others by sharing the gift of networking, gratitude and celebration from the heart.  

Lisa grew up moving A LOT and had the good fortune to live 5 years of her youth in Beirut, Lebanon and spent her high school years living with her family in Paris France. New Jersey was home base for many years and a part of her heart will always be at the Jersey Shore in Stone Harbor. In her mid twenties, Lisa had the opportunity to pursue a promotion with ComputerKnowledge if she moved to MN. It was the perfect time to go for the challenge. Little did she know she’d meet her future husband Ken on a blind date and marry him two years later They enjoyed the addition of their two daughters Katie and Sarah over the next four years. Thirty years later, Ken and Lisa took off on another adventure and moved to the Greenville area of South Carolina and recently moved to the Charleston area of South Carolina. 

Having grown up moving all over the world, Lisa learned early on the importance of maintaining relationships. Back in the days, Lisa used letters and recorded cassette tapes to stay in touch with friends. Nowadays, we get a reminder on Facebook that it’s someone’s birthday and you can easily post a Happy Birthday wish on their page.  It’s a nice gesture but you don’t really stand out from the crowd. 

While working another direct sales business that involved finding hostesses, investing in inventory, setting up, taking orders, tearing down, and getting exhausted, Lisa was introduced to and joined BannerSeason.  She used the tool to help her stay in touch with her family and friends as well as to grow her business by staying in touch with her leads, hostesses, and customers. Customers loved getting a personalized card in Lisa’s handwriting and her signature in their US Mailbox as a “Thank you”,” Happy Birthday”,” Happy Holidays”,” Thanks for the referral”, and “The new Spring line is available” cards. Lisa empowers YOU to act on your promptings to appreciate others NOW from your smartphone or laptop. Get your card sent out to someone to make their day and let them know what they mean to you or that you were thinking of them.  Their reaction when they walk out to their mailbox and amidst the bills and junk mail is a card from you is one they remember. They think of you with referrals and repeat business or even just improved relationships. 

As a tribute to her parents and brother for giving her a solid and loving foundation to life, Lisa Hart Pelton incorporated her maiden name into her company name and the four hearts of her family into the logo of CelebrateWithHART.


Our Why

Our goal is to provide a superior experience and tremendous value for our customers.

Our WHY is to create financial freedom to visit or host family and friends so we can celebrate together the joys, the fun, the sorrows, holidays and life events.  

Our Life Mission is to:

Help people to live the life they desire by building solid relationships and taking time to celebrate the joys in life & to show support during the sorrows of life and to reach out in gratitude to others on a regular basis.

Helping others to become their best by sharing personal development opportunities.

Networking to be able to develop friendships and to connect others with people who can help them meet their needs.

Our Business Mission is to:

Share the tool & the income opportunities of BannerSeason by creating the environment where & when it can be received.

Market to & serve small business owners by sharing the tool and opportunity of BannerSeason.  We  help them gain, retain, and increase referrals by appreciating and celebrating their clients on a regular basis throughout the year.  A personalized greeting card along with an occasional accompanying small gift that is received in the client’s physical mail box can go a long way for that business owner to stay top of their client’s mind and heart.

Instill & lead with motivation, inspiration, & dedication & to deliver this with a sense of warmth, friendliness, fun, pride, & spirit.


Consider joining us! We are growing!

Lisa loves sharing the tool of BannerSeason as well as the leadership and income opportunity of the business! Lisa loves utilizing her Real Estate experience to help Realtors save time, money, and stress so they can be free to work with more clients.  She loves helping others connect and have more time to enjoy and celebrate life! She loves the freedom her schedule allows so she can spend time with our growing family and especially our grandchildren. CelebrateWithHart loves our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.